Client: UNCDF

Year: 2010 – 2022

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Steffensen Consult ApS is lead in the area of design and execution support to performance-based grants to sub-national governments, and has been engaged in design of these innovative grant systems in more than 20 countries.

The lead expert on the subject has contributed to several publications on the concept, lessons learned and international experiences, been lead speaker on international conferences (e.g. recently in Uzbekistan, 2022 for the World Bank), conducted training on performance-grants at Duke University over a longer time-period, and been the lead grant design consultant on this in numerous countries, in programs ranging from smaller interventions (Tuvalu) to larger urban performance-grant systems (an example of this is the ongoing support to the World Bank on the new Urban Institutional and Infrastructure Program- II in Ethiopia (2022), with an expected size of several billion US$.

Jesper Steffensen has also recently led a larger World Bank review of the entire World Bank support to urban performance grant portfolio (to be published soon). Since 2010, the performance-grants have been increasingly linked with climate change adaptation finance in systems on performance-based climate resilience grants, see the climate change adaption window.

Among publications on the performance-based based grants produced by Jesper Steffensen is the following: