Company background

Steffensen Consult ApS is specialized in management consultancy within the field of public sector reforms and decentralization, and with special focus on intergovernmental fiscal relationship and climate change financing. The company was registered from 2006 in Denmark under the Danish company law as an (”anpartselskab”). The company is organised with a senior leading partner and consultant, a senior consultant and with a large network of top-professional experts (associated consultants), and has decades of specialized experiences on development projects.

Over the last years, the company has been involved in reforms, programs and projects in more than 40 countries including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Sudan, South Sudan, Ghana, Mali, Zambia, Namibia, Yemen, Palestine, China, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao, Mongolia, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Jamaica, Kosovo, Denmark and Belgium, of which some are conducted directly with e.g. UNCDF, World Bank and others, and other programs conducted as sub-contractor to other companies, such as ODI, Dege Consult ApS, etc. The company was co-owner of Dege Consult until July 2022.

For Steffensen Consult ApS, the client relationship is critical for efficiency and effectiveness of the interventions. The company works vigorously to meet customer expectations, clarify the purpose and process of engagements, and with a clear strategy and measures to ensure the client’s satisfaction. The company creates project teams tailored to each assignment and ensure systematic communication among team members, and all work conducted by the company will undergo comprehensive quality assurance by the senior partner and the senior consultant. The company ensures that contract terms are always met, that flexibility is demonstrated in the way client needs are responded to, and that communication with the client is continuous, responsive and seamless.

The company has demonstrated capability to manage complex assignments with multidisciplinary teams and have in several assignments been contracted by larger companies to provide specified services. As the company focus is on management consultancy services to varies tiers of governments and development partners in the area of Governance, the company accepts its specific responsibility to society, and strive to operate in a socially responsible manner and follow high standards of ethical conduct within the framework of the legislation of the countries in which it operates. Accordingly, consultants fielded by Steffensen Consult ApS are committed to act as responsible corporate citizens, this includes their commitment to:

  • Follow well recognized ethical standards for international consultancy work;
  • Work towards sustainability and sustainable solutions;
  • Respect the rules of law governing the consulting business, and
  • Respect human rights and political, cultural and religious customs of the countries they work in.

The company has established a Company Code of Ethics and Corporate Conduct that all consultants and associates under contracts under the company are bound to follow, see below:

The Code of Ethics and Corporate Conduct is based on six core principles: