Client: World Bank

Year: 2010

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Consultants from Steffensen Consult ApS are amongst the lead global experts within the area of intergovernmental fiscal relations, including advice and design of interventions to improve sub-national government finance, intergovernmental fiscal transfers, especially with the focus on performance-based grants, local revenues and improved fiscal space for local level investments and service delivery.

Consultants have been engaged in assignments on these issues in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, African and the Pacific. The lead consultant has developed several international publications on the subject (see example enclosed), and been the lead fiscal decentralisation expert on more than 70 assignments on sub-national government finance since 1995.

The assignments have ranged from analytical work, cross-country studies, design of financing systems, procedures and tools to improve sub-national government finance, publications, financial management improvements, monitoring  and accountability systems, to support to execution of reform programs, reviews and evaluations.

As an example of lessons learned and contribution to concept development, the company experts have been engaged in the publication and as an example of a typical review of intergovernmental fiscal systems is enclosed the “First Independent Review of the Backward Regions Grant Fund in India”, where Steffensen Consult ApS was the lead company on the World Bank supported review.

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